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How Pet Shelters & Rescues can work with Vets Adopt Pets &

Join in the Thank You to Veterans, Active Duty & their Families.

Pet Adoption

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Many Pet Shelters & Pets Rescues from across the country join in working with Vets Adopt Pets to Thank Veterans, Active Duty & their Families for their service to us all.

How it works is when Veterans sign up with Vets Adopt Pets, they then go out to the shelters and rescues in their immediate locals.  We give them a letter to give you that introduces Vets Adopt Pets and opens the door for us to work together over this adoption.  Obviously, not all have heard of us yet and this is our opportunity to come together and make this a fun experience for the Veterans.  Here is a copy of the  Letter to Shelters & Rescues  minus the participants name.

Working with us means the utmost respect will be given to the Veteran, you will bill us for the adoption instead of the Veteran and preferably you let the Veteran take the pup home while I handle the financials.

Once the adoption is complete, you will send me confirmation by email, including all pertinent info, such as your name, address, pet id, Veterans name, adoption cost and I will then mail your check to you.

As we are all Americans that want to Thank Veterans, you are also invited to consider joining in the Thank You by sharing the cost of the adoption with us.  That then fully involves all into the Thank You, meaning Vets Adopt Pets, all the everyday American that make contributions to pay your fee and you too.

We will gladly include you in our facebook posts about the adoption by liking your page which will then link to your page when we place your name in the post.  I usually do 3 posts per each adoption and now create a webpage for each adoption where you will be mentioned as well.  We can work together on just one adoption or we can together in the future as well.  If you want to do it on-going, I will also list your org with a link to your website on our Providers page

In addition, we have noticed that many shelters, both public & private have elected to waive all adoption fees for Veterans or have created their own Military Programs.  You are invited to join and align with Vet Adopt Pets if you would like to make your own fee waiver program, you can find further information at Adoption Fee-Waiver.

On occasion, other Veterans may sign up in your geographic area, we would like to add you to our list that we give out to Veterans when they sign up as a shelter or rescue that either is willing to work with us or has worked with us before and would love to do so again.

We want to work with you however that works for you to ensure the adoption is a good experience for the Veteran.

If you are reading this and want to join us, but a Veteran has not yet brought you one of our letters, you can do so my just emailing or calling to let us know that you'd like to work with us.

Lastly, you need to be a legal non-profit organization.  We can not afford and will not pay outrageously high adoption fees.

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